Housing Trust of America, LLC ("HTA") is engaged in the business of development, construction, finance, management and operation of affordable apartment communities.

HTA utilizes tax exempt bond financing and low income housing tax credits as the primary finance vehicles to develop its projects. HTA, through its affiliate Freestate Housing also provides development consulting services to other developers and housing providers. HTA is committed to developing and owning quality apartment communities servicing individuals and families at affordable levels. Our mission is to "do well while doing good."

Our philosophy and vision is to provide housing which enables our residents to live, shop and work within close proximity. We are a proponent and provider of "Workforce Affordable Housing". By bringing housing closer to the workplace, we reduce workers daily commutes, alleviate traffic due to commuting and improve our residents' daily lives. We believe that a significant portion of traffic problems are due to insufficient affordable housing.

The guiding mission of HTA is to make a living by making a positive difference in people's lives. This means building real estate and working with communities in a way that builds confidence, friendships, enthusiasm, self esteem, pride and innovation. This mission is what drives HTA to begin its quests for development opportunities at the grassroots level, to go into communities and ask what needs to be done and how HTA can help.

Created with the Goal of Developing Successful Affordable Housing Communities

HTA was formed in 2001 by Wallace L. Scruggs, CPA, a former senior principal with the national accounting firm of The Reznick Group, (formerly Reznick, Fedder and Silverman). HTA has developed and is pursuing opportunities in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey.

Mr. Scruggs and the HTA team, bring more than twentyfive years of experience in the development, financing & management of affordable housing and market-rate real estate. Each individual's commitment to the cause of affordable housing has left indelible and important marks on the industry.

HTA has experience developing multifamily affordable housing in both urban and rural settings and in both large and small markets. Beyond this ability, HTA has in its ranks some of the industry's leading talent in the financial structuring and execution of a deal. In addition to the skills of the HTA's Principal, the Company employs specialists with expertise in finance, management, marketing and development. Please refer to our People section for individual biographies for our Principals and key personnel.

From 2001 to present day, HTA has operated from its headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. Over the past 7 years HTA has developed numerous properties and consulted for various clients across the country. Today their portfolio contains over 1,300 units spread throughout the mid-atlanic.